NEW Exclusive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks! Design, Matte Black, New Notch

Published on Mar 25, 2021
Massive iPhone 13 Pro Leaks Update! New lens design, matte black color, bronze/copper color, new anti-fingerprint coating, tiny notch, bigger batteries, NO portless models, 1TB storage, smaller logic boards & so much more!

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Max Weinbach (Leak Source)

Special thank you to Concept Creator for help with 3d modeling. CConceptCreator


  • My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪

  • I wait iPhone 14

  • تيتي تيتي مثل مارحتي جيتي ايفون 12 مافرق عن 13

  • Ay no instagram ay iphone 12 pliss

  • The new studio looks great 👍!

  • Will there be a pink iPhone 13 ? Thank you

  • How do you purchase the Clear case With all the beautiful colors and other phone cases for the iPhone ? Thank you

  • I didn't get what does sim slot hard reset mean. Can someone explain.

  • i am praying for the orange to come to the new Apple iphones.

  • Bro you studio look amazing ❤️❤️

  • Is there going to a telescope camera?

  • Ayeee jet black is comin back

  • Woahhhh amazing studio

  • Can I have that WALLPAPER at 00:09??????

  • Damn, looks nice !

  • Stuidio lil dark

  • I just hope that the iOS has mask face id bc it was so stupid to put it but u need the Apple Watch

  • 8.37m subscribers 🙁 Can't believe Never seen in USdos such channel Impressive 😊

  • Havent watched you in a while, since i switched to android, you have come a long way, congrats 🥳

  • never

  • Its about time they actually make a "black" instead of gray color.......

  • What i want, tumbprint under screen, front camera under screen. If iphone13 almost similar with the previous iphone im not gonna buy it. Why waste on something almost similar with the old models.

  • I hope blue comes back, it didn't make sense for me to get the 12 but I love the blue of the 12 pro. If the 13 pro doesn't have blue, I'll probably get black

  • I wanna know about the battery life...

  • I wanna know about the battery life...

  • I wanna know about the battery life...

  • Is Max Weinbach a pseudonym?

  • Hard to beat the features of an iPhone. mobeleash

  • those headphones looks dope bro

  • When are you taking out the new cases??

  • Nice iPhone 13 poro

  • Studio stole the spotlight 😂😂

  • Studio is aswsme

  • Love the setup bro. Nice work

  • ага тоесть мы должны переплачивать за новую расцветку

  • It is very nice information

  • Cute

  • Apple Trying to stop leaks??? Can they focus on what’s more important. GET RID OF THE ISLAND/NOTCH. It’s annoying. I don’t even use face recognition to unlock my phone lmao.

  • This Proves that Samsung and Apple are friends but not on Phone Marketing

  • why wouldn’t they use a modern computer processor on mars lol wouldn’t it be smaller, more efficient?

  • Start reviewing Hermes, Prada and Gucci

  • Very interested report ❤️

  • I already know exactly what apple will do for the iPhone 14. Since they moved the earpiece to the top of the bezel for 2021 I’m sure this means they will take away the notch in 2022, and switch to a finger print sensor under the display.

  • Will the camera square look black?

  • where is the rebel 2 cases drop test?

  • W

  • ijustine and everythingapplepro should meet youtuber each other that will be ❤❤

  • Dude where is the iPhone mini rebel case?

  • For me, iphones are getting kinda boring cuz apple keeps using the same design a lot Iphone 12 is like iphone 8 cuz the iphone 8 didn't really change from the iphone 7, iphone 12 looks like the 11

    • I’m using a 7 plus

  • I hope they call it the iphone 13 instead of iphone 12s (rumor, might not be true), because then 12s doesnt sound like a new flagship compared to 13, or call it something else.

  • What’s up bro! The only guy i trust ! Cool information, respect u a lot! Pls tell me today we can jailbreak ios 14.4.2 ? Thanks and keep doing the great stuff!

    • @RC speed aaaa, its not a problem, i was with nokia :)) then samsung, a little bit with huawei , iphone , they are all great, in my opinion the customer services are what make all the difference. But i will take a look at your guy ;)

    • @Safer Robert I know I just prefer mrwhostheboss because he doesn’t have any side on a smartphone. I like everything apple pro too but I’ve caught him trying to be on apples side.

    • @RC speed i’m watching this man about few years ago and never disappointed mer or telling lies just to have more views!

    • Mrwhostheboss is better

  • I hate lightning cables the pins always get messed up over time and the cable fails.

  • Weird that im considering buying a new iphone but have to wait a little longer coz a few months from today, a newer iphone will be released.

  • what

  • Give me pls😇

  • Hey what screen protector do y’all use in the rebel phone case sells and do y’all sell just the screen protector I love them and want to order more like them! everythingapplepro

  • no touch id not interested!

  • You review phones and you have a studio while I take care of dying people with covid and I live in a truck...

  • Juss got my Apple Card can’t wait for new iPhone to drop😁😁

  • Still the tired 12 MP on mini -max? Time to switch to Samsung.

  • just bought a phonerebel gen 2 crystal, SO HYPEDDD

  • Your setup is ice

  • Wow that’s ice

  • Miss Rose gold colour ,Your studio seems to be created from VFX.

  • give me iphone please

  • Theres a possibility of bringing back the time at the middle if the notch become shorter the same of traditional of the full screen iPhone’s

  • oh god i really hope they bring back magsafe.

  • Any battery life upgrade on iphone 13?

  • I’d love an Orange iPhone 😍😍

  • They should've put an i9 10900k in the robot on Mars


  • Nice! Great Vid.

  • The new notch reminds me of those androids with the exact same size notch.

  • Lol. Phones will be with hidden front camera in 2022 and iphone will have smaller notch. Such a fail.

  • Fake studio

  • WHY NOT HAVE USB TYPE C FFS APPLE!!! (im a Samsung user that would convert if apple did)


  • And everyone knows this is gonna be incorrect

  • With a bigger size screen without the notch, it would be much better.

  • Great studio man good luck

  • Well open case is a bad idea bye bye phone if dropped

  • I wish I had that kind of money lol I just went broke buying AirPods Pro I’m on the iPhone 12 atm

  • Been saying smaller notch since the iPhone XR. lmaoo

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Apple never disappoints when disappointing me.

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Congrats on the new studio..very nice 👍🏻

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Its not real betsh

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • “trying to have regular updates from here on out” its been 11 days...

  • Yo hold up. Did he just say Mask Unlock in 14.5???? That’s nice damn

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Why aren’t they having the 4 leans on the cameras on the new iPhone 13

  • Why does iPhone use IPS display? Why doesn't the iPhone use an super amoled display like Samsung's?

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • I haven't had a matte black iPhone since the 7+ 😏😍😍

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Waiting on that Rebel case to get back in stock

  • Apple please, just try something new, try to switch up a little bit, since the iphone X yall been having the same design.

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Seriously you need to fix the camera angle, maybe raise it a tad. It looks like you’re in front of a green screen. First thing I thought of when I saw it. Would hate to have you put all that work in to just have people think it was fake.

  • imagine if they raised the back to the same height as the camera bump to increase internal space

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • So the two biggest updates are the new screen with 120 Ghz and the touch unlock built into the screen ? Both a Samsung screen contribution . The notch is still there . Wow .

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Studio looking fresh asf

  • Stop the NOTCH

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Eap

    • @Isabella Pedigo OMG EAP! HOW DO I GIVE YOU MY CREDITCARD NUMBER PAPI?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • W/h/a/t/s/a/p/p +1/2/6/7/3/8/9/1/5/3/5......I/N/V/E/S/T.....I/N/...B/I/T/C/O/I/N AND E/T/H..T/O...M/A/K/E...M/I/L/L/I/ON

  • Thank its not 16:9 aspect ratio