NEW AirPods 3 Clone Unboxing! $49 Surprise!

Published on May 5, 2021
The first 1:1 AirPods 3 clone is here, BEFORE official release. $49 AirPods 3 clone review. It's a perfect replica (based on leaked CADs) Full AirPods 3 vs AirPods Pro design overview!

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    • Where is the link for the clones?

    • Pretty loud isn't enough. I have the onikuma T3, with the silicone ear tips and despite it's not that loud, it has a balanced sound, bass heavy plus lots of detail, needless to mention the eartips that act like earplugs and block the noise naturally

    • So basically pros without noise cancellation?

    • Yes

    • How comfortable are they because the originals - Regular AirPods not pros are the most comfortable.

  • Do they have the switching between devices yet?

  • Speaking of airpods, I have things that look like airpods but they are NOT AIRPODS. Lol.


  • Canr you leave a link ipod 3 clone

  • will apple release airpods 3 and airpods pro 2 at the same time? My airpods pro have started squeeking and don't know if I should buy another pair or wait for the new airpods pro 2

  • If there's no tips and we will have the old hard design again imma stick with what i got now lol

  • I have the pros and will definitely get the new ones cuz this inclosed tip is really annoying and it never stays in my ear

  • Do a comparison of real Pros with DHGate replicas

  • I am planning to order AirPods Pro now, should I wait for AirPods 3?

    • @rj 17 yes I like them

    • @Sai Kumar do you enjoy the pros?

    • @rj 17 I bought already

    • same idk what to do i lost my airpods gen 2 and was going to buy the pros but now i’m not sure

  • this is exactly how you get people's attention

  • In this video you use the iphone 12 red and purple? That is the phone that i whant the red one and my sister the purple

  • These are cool but at the same tine weird

  • Lmaoo just take your tips off the AirPods Pro’s and BAM AirPod 3

  • Hey if anyone could get me in touch with filip I’d appreciate it a lot!! Filip if your reading this please message me!!!

  • These have been rumoured to come out for like a year now. Had my 1st gens since launch and just switched the air pods pro man they are a game changer

    • would you say i should just go with the pros i lost my gen 2 2 weeks ago and need new airpods or wait for these

  • I just hope they sound better, the Airpods Pro are great but the Airpods only pretty well sound like the Earpods minus cable bump.

  • 华强北牛逼

  • I remember the i10 TWS, the AirPods themselves looked real, but the case was off

  • Every time I watch his video he has a bandages hand or something on it. What is he doing lol

  • Should I buy a iPhone XR or 11 or 11 pro or 12 for apple if I get one next year since I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020 next year. Or should I buy a S10 or S10+ or S20 or S21 any suggestions guys

    • iphone 11 pro

  • my fake airpod pros were 60 showing up as airpods on my phone noise cancelation works good, good base, same almost everything.

  • We need to see iPhone 13 fake before it’s even released

  • I ordered my Air60 TWS after seeing your video and I can't thank you enough. Got them after one month. I use them for Podcasts and Audiobooks so I don't need the low end bass only the highs. For only $55 bucks Canadian they were exactly what I was looking for without the Apple price and waiting half a year for Airpods 3 to come out. Never would have heard of them without your video. Thanks again !!!

  • Just got a $35 AirPods Pro clone and guess what it’s fukkin close to real one all the software features are working noise cancellation actually works like charm even compared to real ones sound quality and signature is really of apple even got a serial number which shows up on apple’s “check coverage” website idk maybe they are just recycling real AirPods Pro by changing the casing and battery. Ya battery life is also super awesome exactly similar to real ones.

    • @rj 17 from local market in Meerut

    • from where

  • Where do I get these clones?

  • you must rename your channel to EverythingAppleProClone...

  • How was the call quality?

  • I think they look terrible but I said that about the pros and I caved for those too

  • Hello, I am a manufacturer, can you help me market mobile phone cases?

  • You should really marry Amber Rose Revah! You two look alike

  • Bro they stole it from him.

  • Bro I could just take the earbuds off of my AirPod pros and call it the AirPod 3.

  • Plz do a hands-on video about these new noise reduction TWS! 1. VIVO TWS 2 2. OPPO Enco Free 2 3. Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro 4. EDIFIER NeoBuds Pro (the first TWS got Hi-Res approval)

    • And also a really cheap noise reduction TWS Redmi AirDots 3 Pro - $46.74

  • you got burnt bro

  • Amazing!

  • Top for your money, really

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  • Where can I buy that???

  • Where can you buy these?

  • Man where have you been? It seems you haven’t been uploading as often. Anyways good to have you back :)

  • Air 60 wha?

  • I want to order this airpod Who has the link ? Pls

  • I will buy this AirPods 3

  • 3:53 this is realy nice desing

  • Do the clones feel loose and feel like there gonna fall out?

  • I can’t be the only one to think these looks like soccer balls ⚽️ 🤣

  • What kind of blade is that? Where can I purchase one? Thanks Nvm. I’ve found it on amazon

  • Just sold my AirPods Pro yesterday. They kept giving me ear infection, as they go really deep in the ear. They sound great, the cancellation is awesome and I love the Atmos with Apple 4K, but I will get this.

  • I'm really glad that AIrPods 3 are like this! AirPods Pro are nice sound quality wise.... but they are much harder to remove from the case and those rubber pieces feel uncomfortable in my ear. So I stuck with AirPods 2 because they just are so much easier to pop in your ears and back into the case. These AirPods 3 seem to bring the features of AirPods Pro and the comfort/ease of AIrPods 2.

  • 华强北

  • I love iPhone, I am stacked with a 4s, it’s a livein stuff of Stive jobs, so I don’t through it. What will I do further.

  • Hello, I am in Bangladeh, Flowing you

  • u need head??

  • The size looks exactly the same as AirPods 1, just the orientation is different

  • When are they going to come out ?

  • I wish you'd review QCY, Haylou and 1MORE's Pistonbuds

  • What the fuck is snap test is worthless.

  • Great video, do you think that the official AirPods 3 will be a better product than the current AirPods Pro?

  • Can we order Carkita who home

  • Nothing android noob Jk lol

  • Why does he always have a bandaid on the exact same place on his hand, in every video? Is just for the looks?

  • Your shaky cam treatment is not working very well brother.

  • Can you tell me what type of box cutter are those? I would like to know the name of it, please. I be using my pocket knife, but don’t like using it, because it has teeth.

  • I wish I have an old iphone 8 plus playing pubg games can you help me

  • The clones are getting better and better, i still remember the first tws models and they were awful

  • I don't own an iPhone but I don't see iPhone owners buying clones of AirPods

  • Why no link to buy?

  • Am I the only one who still rocking the Airpods 1? 🤝

  • Is there a link to buy this?

  • Release time frame?

  • I might want those. I found two apple EarPods on the stepped on and pushed to the ground at a park, I bright them home clean the but can’t tell if work cause I don’t have the case to connect. They look good. The ate either the 1 or 2; can’t tell. Perhaps I get these you showed.

  • If anyone is looking for the REAL LINK for these cheap I made a video on my channel your welcome ✨😂

  • I’m surprised you’ve didn’t recommend this to me earlier

  • his video is so clean !!

  • Where do you find them?

    • Hello, this is the purchase link:

    • @KalebDaLegend what's the site

    • I made a video on where to get em

  • If i use some other wireless earphones with my iwatch instead of Apple airpods will I miss out any special features? Big confusion for investment.

  • How much cost of this one????

  • It’s a fucking downgrade why the fuck don’t they have eartips

  • Maybe when apple release the real one and update his software.. the feature will be unlock in this clone.. 🙃

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  • Filip Koroy why you look so slim? You sick bruh? You look very thin.

  • Whaaaa, no eartips?

  • No plastic tips no sir why does 🍎 always hv2 out do themselves Diablooooooooo no entiendo loco 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • noticed with some clones don’t work while having an apple watch connected as well…. is this the same case with these clones ?

  • Dude. Dont fall for it. They just removed the tip of the AirPods pro

  • I want that box cutter!

  • Where is the link? I want to try these out as my work headphones. Untill the Apple version comes out

  • Who is watching this on may 2021

  • Apple had a recent event and no reaction to it? This is not the normal throws me off

  • Hey, a fun video.

  • I have no idea how this will fit in my ear.


  • Chinese would copy anything!

  • imagine if the company who made these copyrighted them so apple couldn’t make them 🤣😂😭

  • How do they get H1 chips??? It’s super mysterious……

  • Where to get those? Haha would be fun to try out!

  • so should i get them or???

  • release date??