Latest iPhone 13 & 13 Pro Leaks! M2 MacBook Air, AirPods 3 & More!

Published on May 14, 2021
The latest iPhone 13 Leaks. iPhone 13 & 13 Pro 6.1-in CADs acquired, detailed changes analysis. New M2 MacBook Air design leaked, AirPods 3 release date, underwater 'shark' mode for iPhones, foldable iPhone news & more! Latest Apple news.

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Unbox Therapy 13 Dummy Vid:

Wallpapers by legendary AR7: AR72014

Special thank you for the trove of abstract wallpapers:


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    • So op case bro❤️❤️❤️

    • Everything Apple okay? Your videos have been rare lately 😊

    • Dude looks so bad compared to a year ago. Get some sun, shave, and just stop whatever it is that you’re doing. You look skinny.

    • Do you know what the iPhone line up will be once the iPhone 13 is released ? For example when the iPhone 12 was released most the iPhone 11 line up was dropped. My current iPhone is about dead and I don’t want to upgrade to a possible iPhone 12 model being discontinued. Thanks for any information that you may have .

    • Hey are we actually missing your videos about ios updates and similar updates?? I really feel like I’m missing out yk! It just doesn’t taste right when other USdos channels post about it and show up into my feed! You need to come back with such videos soon man ! And best wishes with your project 🙂


  • no... no cheese grader.... keep it simple..jeez

  • I still want one day to have all the pretty colors on the pro models, I want the best phone but purple…🥺

  • I am poor enough that everytime Apple relases a new phone, I am most excited about the current phones to decrease price.

  • bicounics ting king mobile ok thai mobl thanks

  • Dear Apple, lithium Ion batteries have been around for at least 30 years. Every product you make has a better battery life than iPhone. Don’t make excuses don’t work around the battery on other parts, don’t compromise other components and product or add and refine code to give false output results, give us a battery that lasts as long as a 2010 MacBook Pro in an iPhone. 72hrs standby time and at least 24hrs extreme nonstop use. Don’t say it cannot be done because if Apple is oh so “green” then those batteries in good use will be usable for at least 10 years under heavy use before a bad cell happens. Stop giving this crap about why Apple can’t do this and that and explain it the right way to investors. Steve Jobs would have pulled it off.

  • Too many End Screens at the end of your video that cover your face during your outro.

  • When are the rumored MacBooks releasing?

  • BRING 3D Touch BACK!!!

  • Bettry power is not good

  • 5:49 what about the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, I had the white iPhone 8

  • Is that side touch ID?

  • Is there any other futures other than just a camera we are taking about? For many years manufacture only emphasis on camera. Lack of inovation

  • God bless yall, Jesus loves yall and He wants you to be saved 🙏 John 3:16 romans 10:9-10 Have a blessed day yall 🙌🙏

  • You give Phone iPhone Please

  • Time for apple to put a more than 60 hz display !

  • If it comes in pink that would be so dope

  • 👍❤️

  • I bought a iPhone for my son and it was unlock by Alisha hackz on IG her service is trusted

  • I bought a iPhone for my son and it was unlock by Alisha hackz on IG her service is trusted

  • In Apple Watch 7 There Will be SharkMode to Scar Sharks and Dogs with 4 Taps fast on Watch. Work. In killer idea. With Speakers.

  • In iPhone 14 there Will be Dove White Color very White by 10X in Killer idea.

  • Omg 🔥 how do you look soo good! Like some Hollywood celebrity 😄 really 💯 (even more than that! For me) lol 😂 ik ik, anyways ATB 👍🏻 bro! Watching 👀 this video 📹 for the 2-3rd time now!

  • This dudes camera quality is always on point it’s crazy

  • And nobody talks about TouchID inside the screen anymore…..

  • 12 main charger nai tha ab aesa hoga 13 dabbay main mobile e nai hoga

  • Z5CRACKS he is genius and also a veteran in the work.. he does all his works perfectly and without delay,,

  • Z5CRACKS he is genius and also a veteran in the work.. he does all his works perfectly and without delay,,

  • When will this flex series gonna be available bro? I'm really excited getting one for Iphone 12 pro max! 😁

  • Well all thanks to vilian_tech on iG he's the best I can talk about here

  • oh god plz dont add the cheese grater design its ugly

  • d o v e

  • What is the launch date of iphone 13??

  • Wait I found out how to make the iPhone 13 NO JOKE 1. Get the dummy of the 13 2. Take everything from there 12 add in the shell of the 13 3 test it. Idk 🤷‍♀️ try it

  • And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36)

  • Apple should really update find my friends it sucks badly and never legit

  • If the iPhone reders are true then the iPhone 12 and 13 are gonna be exactly the same no big big differences and these apple sheep will still go crazy

  • Can you tell me where?????????????

  • What's the expected date of the iPhone 13? It's about time apple upgraded from 60hz displays on their phones. I'm thinking of moving back to iPhone and 120hz is ticking a box for me 😁

  • if thats what they gonna look like i’m buying the iphone 12

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  • Same s**t different day is the definition of iPhone.

  • So amazing ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  • i just got the 12 pro max 😐

  • My only request would be to bring the SD card slot back to the macbook air. I wish they hadn't remove it.

  • Release day??

  • Apple will probably remove the bloody ugly notch in the year 2094

  • That flip iPhone tho 😍😍😍 need

  • What Date is iPhone 13 Pro And Pro Max For The Price

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  • My 8 plus has been with me for a few yrs. Wondering if tocuh ID is back for iphone 13.

  • I have an iphone 6 but is locked and disabled I forgett my apple I'd Please help me sir

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  • It will be the 12S not 13...

  • I realized the speakers need a better way to repel water from the 12 Pro Max speakers. If you drop it in water or you shower with the iPhone near the shower, the speaker on the top doesn’t stop the water from leaking in as it makes speaker static vibrations when you have music playing in the background as the water droplets are still on the speakers vibrating. Not a good design Apple 📱👎🏻😣😡🤦🏻‍♀️i literally have to take my phone after showering hold it on my clean shirt or towel and shake by slamming the front of the top part of my iPhone up against my t-shirt or towel with my opponent hand underneath the t-shirt or towel to prevent it from breaking to get out all the water trapped inside the speakers!! Hey Apple 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😣👎🏻🔊💧💦🎶🎵🚿📲. Please fix this!! Also because of Covid spreading and when your hands are all over the iPhone and when you don’t have sanitizing wipes to wipe down the germy phone from your germy hands after touching it all day in the open, it doesn’t help that spraying water moisture on the phone to clean the screen from germs also doesn’t help with this problem. Please develop/fix your speakers from rain/shower water from getting into the speakers and damaging the internal ports underneath the glass display. It’s be better if there wasn’t a speaker on the top of the iPhone cause most cases don’t cover or can not prevent water from seeping into the speakers 💦🔊 of the iPhone. Now sure you can argue oh just bring your portable speakers into the shower and play music off of that, but I’m not going to go out of my way to invest in a portable speaker and then be told my music is too loud just to have on me. It’s the same problem with AirPods for the speaker parts waterlogged speakers are just worthless after months of consist use over time. Sweaty face, body doesn’t prevent sweat from going into the speakers of the AirPods either.

    • If they make an iPhone shark detector signal, fix your speakers from being waterlogged and screen display if you start designing an water phone capability. I see many future design updates to this if they go the water designed iPhone versions like the regular iPhone models. Be ready for hiccups and design flaws. 🤦🏻‍♀️😣📲

    • Yes companies make water sealed water proof cases just for this, but every one I’ve used doesn’t prevent total damage. Either you get water resistance or you get actual phone damage because the seal on the iPhone case isn’t a good built on its design to protect both water and drop damage on the iPhone. Like what prevents your iPhone from dropping if you’ve just swam in a pool or the ocean and you grab your iPhone with case on it and it slips out of your hand cause your hands are still wet from not drying off first? It still drops and very possible the iPhone case opens and your iPhone hits the pavement as your iPhone screen cracks all over. Nope not good. 😣it’s happened to me before.

  • I use to be a student Cadd designer back in my youth. I love it, but just didn’t feel that sitting in the office was good for my lifestyle. I really wanted to be up and about not sit in a chair all day, stare at a screen monitor and by the end of the day ask myself what did I actually do in the real world outside wise? Nothing. So that’s why I decided to change my major from Computer Aided Design to Hospitality. Don’t get me wrong I like seeing cadd drawings, it just don’t want to perfect perfect a cadd drawing when it’s already perfect.

  • Please

  • Hai bro give me one use Apple phone

  • No audio dac with 32 bit. No headphone jack. Mac and Samsung is going back in time when comes to audio. Shame and sad. Time to move to other brand. Of anyone here says that wireless works fine. Please guys. Don't tell me that a tata car sounds good and drives as good as a ferrari. Sounds stupid when you guys compared a phone without a dac,and a cable dac and wireless bud with a dynamic 6mm driver made from plastic on a 19 bit chip paying a 190bkps file that compresses to 100kbps on wireless mode on a boosted low quality unsealed airpods a good sound. Please guys . Learn about serious audio file. When phones are moving to 4k. In sound we moving backwards because the new society is to dumb to know what's good. time to move to sony .

  • Give me iPhone

  • Anyone know where to get the wallpapers he uses for his iPhone renders?

  • Share your screen option in messenger not showing bro. Why is that ?

  • It’s more then 3 years I’m following you and saw almost all your videos and dude you’re the king 👑

  • Gift me one phone brother 😭😭

  • Apple gotta change some designs. This is why I’m starting to go more towards Samsung as a apple user since Samsung is actually making changes

  • I cant wait for cook to make a our "iPhone is a teenager" jokes

  • Watched the 1st 6 minutes...and I don’t care about none of this ....smh

  • Yeah nahhhhhh happy to leave out the white bezels… just look cheap and yuck for me at least

  • I'll buy the iPhone when the notch disappears

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  • I still remember the iphone xs leaks ( ':

  • i need iphone 12 pro max but i cant buy i dont have enough

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  • I hated white bezels. I feel as if white bezels made the screen feel smaller

    • It’s like white chocolate vs milk chocolate. The white chocolate is just wrong

  • Idol can i buy a cp from you hehe. it's for my brother's online class. And continue making videos! Nc leeeeeeaaaaaak! hehehe

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  • When is the MagSafe battery being released


  • Soooo...I love my pacific blue pro max and id only upgrade to a 13 pro max if it also came in pacific bkue

  • literally the same thing every year lol. I think imma switch to samsung

    • Same here honestly

  • Best thing I did was took my iPhone 12 pro max back to the store and got a Samsung s21 ultra my goodness this s21 is truly superior to the iPhone 12 max I will never go back to a iPhone Samsung in my opinion puts out wayyyyyy more powerful lighting fast phones

  • Omg why is it so thicc. Now the case will have to be thicc too

  • Sir please give me any phone i don't have any mobile i am using my friend mobile...😭

  • Kill a ps5 and the new xbox

  • Aye you okay? You haven’t posted in two weeks

  • its the SAME THING...nothing to see here CARRY ON

  • Are they providing iphone 13 in the box ?

  • im looking to get airpods pro, should I get them or wait?

  • Hello im from philippines can you give my parents a phone and a surprised false teeth a big help for us

  • I would DIE for White bazel!! That + fingerprint again? Yes Please! Let my iphone 7 retire lol (Also if it came in that delicious purple? I’d explode)

  • Glad I didn’t wait fucking months to get the 13 only for it to look the same lol, happy with my spicy 12 🥵😫

  • apple pro

  • apple

  • A lot of weirdos in the comments, way more than usual 🤔

  • The only reason I’m upgrading my iPhone 6 is because new Apps need iOS 13 and higher 😪

  • wanted to know as you have communicated that 5g mm wave will be extended to other countries with iphone14, will this be available for india as well . Currently it’s only for US.

  • White bezel iPhone? Ewwww, you should be imprisoned just for requesting that! I’m never watching another one of ur reviews! Go to hell!

  • So 1 video every 2 weeks if we’re lucky?

  • Hope next time your cases came out with the new phone

  • Jesus loves you!

  • Please, do a bend test on iPad Pro M1!!

  • my boyfriend

  • I still watch your videos lol but where are the jailbreak videos?

  • Rediculous For the price of the phone...

  • Lol rain literally destroyed my Face ID