iOS 15 Beta The Movie! 500 Features/Changes

Published on Jun 18, 2021
EVERYTHING New in iOS 15 Beta 1! Top 500 iOS 15 features & changes for all iPhones.

Latest iPhone 13 & Apple Watch 7 Leaks!

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iOS 15 features limited by hardware article:


  • This one was a nightmarish amount of work to put together, appreciate a thumbs up 👍 Enjoy 😘

    • ja dumala shto ti polska🤣🤣🤣

    • ey filip koroy ja niznal shto ti gavarosh parusky🙂

    • Fantastic job really appreciated. Wish Apple would let you go straight into the phone once unlocked rather than have to flip up the Lock Screen every single time

    • @Faisal Moazzam um iPhone does have the option to hide video and photos?.

    • @Apple hey apple I have the iPhone 11 but my touch screen is not working

  • people we r missing u....come back

  • Dude where tf you at?....

  • i can’t even bring to imagine how much work this took you to make. very admirable. 500 things?! keep of the good work man! 👍🏼

  • Splitscreen for when???????????🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 1:29 who the fuck figures out something like that

  • So IOS us finally catching up to android 👏

  • 36:55 who sent you those selfies 👀👀👀

  • holy sh*t from an android user experience i can tell iOS is beating the sh*t out of android and samsung with all these features/integrations

  • Philip, your insane.

  • this is amazing! i wish u would make these ios (...) the movie every year from now on :D

  • 163. i'm curious if siri will also be able to turn off a room at specific time. As its a workaround for my cheap osram plugs to be controlled via zigbee

  • More keyboard languages that couldn’t slide to type or whatever to call it but now they are supported

  • Do you think iOS 15 will fix Apple carplay crashes?

  • how do i get this lol i want this update so baf

    • releases next week i believe!

  • I heard they are going to be able to get into your private information with iOS 15. I don’t want them in my personal space. That’s creepy.


  • What’s the point of 19 💀

  • Wow, that's a mouthful, but the most interesting comment is sustained support for iOS 14. It will be interesting to see how many people refuse to upgrade to the spyware infused iOS 15. I'm sticking with iOS 14 for the duration of the useful life of my Apple devices, then I'm going to go back to a stand-alone pont-and-shoot camera, MP3 player, basic cell phone and a Linux laptop or tablet. I was looking forward to the new classic design Apple Watch but that's been crossed off the list now.

  • Did you quit USdos? We’re on beta 7 now and haven’t had a video about the beta’s since this one for the original release. I’ve been having to other people’s reviews but they don’t do as good as you do.

  • Is this Update relevant for iPads also?

  • Génial merci 🙏

  • Why are you not posted video anymore I miss you you’re one of my favorite technology USdosr

  • QUIT putting the ads in the middle of the video! Put them either BEFORE or AFTER the video NOT in the middle! It cuts off part of the content you’re trying to hear from the video.

  • QUIT putting the ads in the middle of the video! Put them either BEFORE or AFTER the video NOT in the middle! It cuts off part of the content you’re trying to hear from the video.

  • QUIT putting the ads in the middle of the video! Put them either BEFORE or AFTER the video NOT in the middle! It cuts off part of the content you’re trying to hear from the video.

  • QUIT putting the ads in the middle of the video! Put them either BEFORE or AFTER the video NOT in the middle! It cuts off part of the content you’re trying to hear from the video.

  • LOL just noticed at 1:41 Tinder was previously downloaded hahaha

  • How can I turn on find my iPhone while it’s dead option on Bec I don’t see it when my phone is powering off ??

  • c can I play my apple music during a FaceTime share call with someone on an android device that doesn't have apple music? and same question but with Netflix instead of music or if they have Netflix can they watch with me on FaceTime from an android device?

  • 4 min difference between phones lol

  • My bro has the wrong time on the iOS 15 phone

  • Nah

  • Why do you have so many settings on one page

  • Android sucks.

  • are they having access to your pictures that they now will be able to see them ??? this I heard ...

  • Hey if anyone could get me in touch with filip I’d appreciate it a lot!! Filip if your reading this please message me!!!

  • This deserves a thumbs up

  • No clicking sound on emojis ( can’t remember if that was 14 or before though )

  • In the new phone rebel cases you should add the mag safe magnets Because I use the MagSafe cord a lot and I was considering you case until I realized that

  • So many 69s

  • EAP How to do the 19 . feature

  • When iOS 15 actually gets released this fall, I'm telling you, this video will get millions of views!

  • pugla

  • Is this channel dead? The videos are getting less and less.

  • 2:24 guys does anybody know how to duplicate your apps like that? or do I need a third party app from appstore to do it?

  • Who noticed that most of the stuff that were mentioned in this video were already put into Android

  • How many new features should we add to ios15? Apple: yes

  • Should I buy a iPhone XR or 11 or 11 pro or 12 for apple if I get one next year since I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020 next year. Or should I buy a S10 or S10+ or S20 or S21 any suggestions guys


  • My dude, what the hell do u be doing on your free time? You stay getting cut or banged up..

  • Stewie Griffin: 1:32 😑…..HOW TH did You even see that⁉️God, if that’s You reveal YOURSELF‼️

  • Let’s be honest most of people don’t know or care about these features.

  • I’m still waiting to delete contacts much more easily. Right now we have to go into edit mode. Why cant we simply swipe left and delete?

  • Huge Legendary Update On IOS 👍

  • Thanks bro. Good focus for me.

  • Lets be honest 99% of these changes aren't even worth mentioning.

  • All this but they still destroying my battery

  • so much details , thank you

  • Is there any reason why I can use Private Relay but not Hide My Email? My family had the regular iCloud subscription before I updated to iOS 15 beta.

  • Is there a reason why EAP’s right hand is always with a plaster?

  • Need new Lock Screen this ones old now

  • It’s pretty cool actually! 👍🏾 hoping for more features and different looks. The brows is cool.

  • Good job with this video

  • A lot of stuff

  • Holy Toledo! Can’t wait

  • So is there anyway we can suggest recommendations hopefully that they will add in ios 15?

  • 38:16 yeah, I don’t see the point of squeezing it together and having empty space on the left/right, bad change I still have glitch on iPad in files when annotating the pen icon just disappears and I can’t change color or pen/highlighter without going out of annotate mode and back in…happens frequently, been waiting for any iOS 14 patch to fix, but 14.3, .4, .5, .6 and none addressed it. Hopefully ios 15. You are a legend for finding and explaining all the changes, mad props to you 🙌🏻

  • You Could Send a Info From Health to close Friend in Massages in killer idea. With Great Graphic like info from pregnet or Heart Attack even from Apple Watch 7. Work.

  • In iOS 15 there will bd White Tigris, and a Ant animji onlt That in killer idea Tim. White Animoji Stickers

  • Apple will Dign dagerous Roas in Dark Orange in iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and CarPlay and Tesla to Save like even for becycle and Walkers even in Mode. Also in Android. Work.

  • In iOS 15 you Could Print News from safari or news Apps. Work and Choose which printer like the Printing App. Even to Friend In Massages in killer Patent.

  • In iOS 15 in September there Will be new Memoji Stickers in Killer idea. But Smart and Good not Stupid. Like Reading and Listen to Music with AirPods Max and Detective because and Praying because 13.

  • Alon in Tesla you Could Toggle Widget Screen from Right up Corner Swipe to Middle in Killer idea. Work. Name QuickButton.

  • In iOS 16 there Will be an HomePod Button like a HomePod Shape in widget Button where Music and FlightMode fir HomePod aldo with Siri for Music and Volume in Killer idea in iPhone. Work. And There Will be Voice Memo with Also Music Memo inside like the Remote.

  • In iOS 15 starting iPhone yoy Could Play Last song you Played and Go yo Disk after FaceID or TouchID with Privecy because songs are Private in up From Hour in killer idea to Always smile. Find a Design like Star and Blue like iMovie. Also in Beats1 Buttons in Up with Blue Star with Last 100 Disk and Main song you Played in Every disk in Every disk.

  • How did you mirror on the mac

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  • I have 14.6

  • Would not be a new features EAP Video without complaining about removed Wallpapers. 🤣❤️

  • 2:21 settings raid

  • The curly attraction maternally shave because process endogenously subtract round a tedious elbow. maddening, sleepy alley

  • 3:25 bruh what’s your iFunny

  • You work for apple hmmm?

  • I’m guessing the AR directions will come to Apple Glass. And I’m super hyped

  • You could zoom on FaceTime if you were in the effects tab

  • Awesome's so beautifully explained..thnx fr the detailing...

  • dude people pic is rounded on my ios 13 as well, so it's not really a new feature

  • I find it funny how such a difficult company (Apple) who is known to stop supporting old things ASAP is still supporting the iPhone 6 and up yet EAPs phone case brand discontinued the iPhone 8 cases… they used to have them but discontinued them…

  • About 500K views (at the time of writing)....

  • Person like me is just to dream about those 😢😢😢

  • nice

  • Trying really hard not to fall asleep and failing. All I would ask for ist a theme store and SwipeSelection (jailbreak tweak that is much better than what is build in to iOS)

  • Ok so he has a gf, saw it in his notifications lmao. Name is “Tanika” or sm

  • Don't have an ios device but love it😀❤❤

  • It’s going to be interesting to see how many different updates this iOS has… iOS 15.19?

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  • Nobody : EAP : the size of icon is 0.01cm increased

  • 500+ changes????? BRUH 🍿

  • The android movie is over 2 hours, 38 minutes, 😏