AirPods 3 Final Design, AirPods Pro 2 & iPhone 13 Leaks!

Published on Feb 27, 2021
Massive AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 2, iPhone SE 3 & iPhone 13 Leaks! AirPods Pro 2 stemless design, iPhone 13 Pro Portless & Touch ID details, 2021 iMac design, Apple March event, MagSafe battery pack, 240Hz displays & more!

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Concept Creator (Designer of AirPods 3 & Pro 2 models): CConceptCreator


  • My new Gen-2 Rebel Cases are FINALLY in stock! Thank you for supporting 💪

  • Those literally look like AirPod pros without the tips

  • It’s about that time for Christmas, thank you so much 🎁

  • Dumb take, dumb channel. Anything rumour about apple and he's first to jump on the gun without citing his sources

  • Why they dont make different colors?

  • make a separate rebel channel man

  • I just got the pros🥲

  • This guy couldnt be more wrong with his 'leaks' - such a shit channel!

  • i’ll take airpods original design over the pros. my pros failed on me. i had one earbud giving me lots of static noise while i tried talking, or making any sort of sound so that one became unusable to me. then some time after, i had the other one do the same thing. no water damage or anything by the way. never had that kinda issue with the airpods 1 or 2, battery life was my only issue with those

  • Those matte black air pods pro 2 look beautiful😍😍

  • Should I buy a iPhone XR or 11 or 11 pro or 12 for apple if I get one next year since I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020 next year. Or should I buy a S10 or S10+ or S20 or S21 any suggestions guys

    • Get a 12, it has the most substantial upgrade over the options

  • this airpods is so good i already have it

  • well, this was WAAY the fuck off :) here’s end of july. still not even a peep about release.

  • So basically no point of buying

  • Is this what the AirPods 3 look like officially

  • when is the release date?i need to buy airpods pro pretty soon

  • So basically anyone that bought airpods pro is being given the middle finger from Apple? It doesn't make any sense for them to give all the perks of the airpods pro for CHEAPER than the pro. So it's either a big middle finger from Apple, or these rumors are false.

  • The pro looks…….fugly

  • 3:53 and this is nice desing, realy nice

  • i really hope they will launch next month

  • this is cool i want one

  • Thanks for the videos champ

  • Please bro one mobile please 😭

  • Jeez dude who cares. Just wait. And don’t waste your time

  • Yeah thought it will launch in March 😂where it at then

  • Looks like a god damn space pod.

  • Personally the pros are amazing the way they are

  • Smaller to lose it even faster.

  • No noise cancellation? :(

    • there is going to be noise cancellation in airpods 3

  • My AirPods Pro hurt tf out of my ears. Hoping these new ones solve that.

  • These AirPods look horrific. Hopefully they have the air tag tracker integrated in each earbud

  • Why did they take so long to drop the iPhone 11 and now we going so freaking fast

  • imac got releaced during april, so it was delayed but very close to the estimated date.

  • We on may the 3rd an this was wrong

  • Is it just me or does the AirPod 3s sound better than the new AirPod pros coming soon?

  • I hope they add the precision going to the AirPods 3 and pro 2

  • airpods are a meme and i have them

  • I dunno, but am I the only one, who likes the stamp on airpods??😂Sorry for my english🙈

  • they really need to release the red airpodssss

  • I’m about to cop the AirPods Pro should I wait for the 2nd gen?

  • Damn I just got the iPods pro lol I like them but they’re super uncomfortable I’m glad they did this design like the old one way better. The most comfortable earbuds I had where the Samsung live ones

  • Wtf? AirPods 2nd gen pro is already here... lol.

  • Working on 6G when everyone barley has 5G🤔🤭🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Can someone give me more info on airpods pro 2 , except the without- the -stem look?

  • Why they dummy thicc

  • Amazing!

  • Why do air pods 3 look like a bean with a little thing growing out of it

  • I rather it be like an airpod 2 but with a little better audio and like a price point at $159.

  • I hope they stay connected better than the original ones

  • I got my at IPLAYPODS,CO year ago. They are still awesome and they now have new one iplaypods pro i will buy 2 because of quality. Best pods i have ever used. My Recommendation.

  • Is there a release date?

  • I mean I love that they're trying their best but is it real is all I care. Not saying they clickbait or anything like that.

  • Hell the pros sucks they need to stop there

  • Are you kidding me

  • I ask for a headphone jack and they take away my charging port😔🤔

  • Shit looks ugly

  • Damn rip

  • ayo slow doiwn im here with a ipgone xr and airpods gen 2 smh

  • Who’s listening to this on older airpods

  • I just bought AirPod pro 🥲🥲

  • I’m so confused bc didn’t they already come ouy

  • Would be dope if it didn't cost way too much... For now Sony and Bose seem like the best options with their old models:(

  • Release date?

  • My god these airpods look like shit

  • Just add a swipe up / swipe down gesture for volume; pleeeease, how hard can it be?

  • Anyone knows when the battery case should be releasing

  • cant wait for the cheap airpods

  • So what month do y’all think they’re gonna drop AirPods 3

  • no need for 240hz on a phone

    • @UC2LLg5H4M10tVjSo-8gVWRg apple finna charge you like crazy for a 240hz display and just imagine how fast the battery will go down

  • Bruvvv what happend wtf the right earpod on left side of the case why

  • They should create a feature where you can locate your AirPod case with the find my iPhone app 🤩 I’m always misplacing my airpod case

  • Very nice

  • It would be better if apple makes the airpods earwax resistant lol

  • Should I wait for airpods pro2 or should i buy the airpods pro ???

    • I’m on the same boat lol. My gen 1 air pods hit the hay already. I don’t know if to wait or buy the pros now. I really want them in black. They get too dirty.

  • I swear we just got the iPhone 12! being an Apple fanboy is becoming even more expensive than it already was.

  • We need apple to release new airpods with noise canceling that are affordable for kids who are struggling in distance learning due to distractions...

  • Laugh out loud already leaks for iphone 13

  • nice

  • 11:47 isnt that when the next sars pandemic supposed to happen???

  • why do the Airpods pro 2 remind me so much of Marvin, the depressive Robot😂

  • Wait April? Nice!

  • We need the new airpods now!! My airpods don’t work anymore, the battery dies so fast

  • Hate those fkn tips kn the air pod pros

  • Damn it, I just got the iPhone 12 last week and the 13 is already coming

  • *Great video!*

  • U should ask apple if they want to sell the gen 2 cases and do a deal with them

  • Should I buy the AirPods Pro or wait for AirPods 3

  • I liked the design of the original AirPods

  • Apple we need an app for airpods

  • Pretty the same and won’t stay in your ear. Who would have thunk it.

  • I love the aspect ratio of this video.

  • I can’t take you serious. I keep thinking you have a coat hanging off your head like a kid by the hood. The hat with the chair wings is distracting me 😂

  • AirPods Pro blow, Literally and figuratively they are decent for phone calls and some low-volume audio but not good for music unfortunately found out the hard way

  • has them cheap

  • I think they should actually keep the stem, it's easier to take out and it's easier to move around and only slightly bigger.

  • is it still worth to pick up airpods pro now?

  • My wish from apple...that Siri can do everything for you on your phone with just voice commands. 🤔

  • The no noise cancellation did it for me Ima pass

  • Please come back. I miss you! 🙏

  • You should do a video on the new Unc0ver jailbreak.