$180 Fake iPhone 12 Pro Max vs $1,599 12 Pro Max! (NEW)

Published on Nov 25, 2020
NEW Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max Clone!! Fake $180 iPhone 12 Pro Max vs $1,599 12 Pro Max.. Smaller notch, even smaller bezel, 1:1 size. Scary close to the real deal!

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  • Who's the winner?

  • Imagine being so broke that u cant even buy the fake iphone 💀 ( m talking abt my self )

  • 😂😂

  • Hello give me a iphone 12 Pro max I'm using Coolpad I have no money ❤️

  • Hey bro.... I'm still kinda expecting a giveaway from you on the Apple 12 pro Thank you

  • Those guys predicted the small notch lol

  • Givme Phone

  • Anyone realize that the 12 knockoff is has the same size notch as the just released iPhone 13? 😲

  • Qhere can i order one?

  • thats the exact Iphone12 for the ones who wanna show off but cant afford the real one....including me

  • Can you give me 2 iphone 12 pro max from Nepal please please give me iphone 🇳🇵

  • Never taught I could get my device running in this perfect condition #xedsystem

  • Never taught I could get my device running in this perfect condition #xedsystem

  • link for fake iphone pls will subscribe

  • Where did you buy fake iphone 12 pro max sir?

  • You destroy that you can give it to me sir. Where did you buy it?

  • Please gift my iphone 12 pro max please

  • Can I have the fake iPhone 12 pro max? Hehe

  • Also….but my dad’s phone’s 599€ Is it a fake one? Just a question sorry I just think that my dad’s phone FAKE! But my dad said it isn’t fake lol 🖐🏻😔

    • Maybe because it's in euro and euro is more then dollars

  • I could understand buying these fake devices if they was just for a prop during a scam or ponzi scheme and you are on a budget but need to look rich, other than that just buy a referb 2019 flagship phone for the same price and it will be 10x better.

  • design in California and FAKE IN CHINA.

  • 💯 subscribe to his channel

  • You reviewing this clone to the last clone cause didn’t seem like your were comparing this new clone to the real iPhone 12

  • Early iphone 13 check

  • Hi im a big fan and I never got a phone and I hopp i Win tha iphone giv away I haw never won von so I hopp i win

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  • can you give me the iphone 12 pro max for real, new follower

  • those clones are pretty good but I still wouldn't buy em

  • I think I received one yesterday. So mad 1165.00

  • hi bro i want iphone 12 pro max plsss gave me

  • Funny enough I’m watching this on the real iPhone 12 Pro Max 👌

  • Amazing .... Are the makers trying to sell this for the resale market, or are they trying to sell it to people who are trying to "fit in", like knowingly wearing fake Rolexes?

  • I want your i phone brother 😃🥰 Because i have no good phone

  • Love from india ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • its just not quite good enough to be convincing

  • May I have a phone call?

  • Fake iPhone actually "great" for case drop test since everything is identical (except internal spec obviously), you know what case that really can protect your iPhone without sacrificing real iPhone for drop test.

  • I will get you

  • can i have a free iphone plaele on my brither day

  • I cant stand the blue tint on the screen

  • Apple pro in 2050 fake house vs real house

  • The blue one is iPhone 12 Pro fake

  • Ayyyyy u showed the same type of the real iPhone 12 pacific blue 😁😁😁😁😁

  • The screen graphics are so bad

  • i wont a iPhone 12

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  • usdos.info/list/ArsUrlLcAgVLBbt6CUBZ5w

  • I wonder if my teenage daughter could tell the difference where can you buy a these fakes?

  • My father is not alive he is dead 😭 that's why I request you

  • Please bro gift me one iphone 12 pro max I request you bro

  • Can u give me a phone for my online clases🥺

  • give me an Xbox X series + Special Edition Wireless Xbox Controllers Red, PlayStation 5, iPhone 12 pro max 512GB Pacific Blue, Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra bronze 512GB, Samsug galaxy S21 ultra Black 512GB, AirPods Pro, two Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Two apple Watch Series 6, two Mi Band 6, Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet, iPad pro, Samsung Galaxy Book S, Samsug Galaxy Book pro 360 and a Samsug Galaxy Book pro for $100 is my biggest dream and it will help my family a lot please help me accept

  • Does the fake one have a 4K camera?

  • Hi

  • Link to fake iPhone please? My kids want it lol

  • For its price, compare able with the genuine one !!!!!

  • 🥺 i want to have that too🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Where I buy this fake iPhone?

  • were can i buy the clones

  • thanks man:)

  • Cámara just came with high Sutter speed default that's why you see stripes. You need to set it to longer exposure to make a fair comparison

  • $180 isn’t even cheap

  • Where to buy the clone

  • You have so many iPhone 12s my birthday is on the sixth of December would u send me one for my birthday my guy…

  • Bro can you please tell me which website you buy clone copy of iphone 12 Pro max please

  • ill take it , the clone .i just need something to use.

  • I am fine with my 11

  • Clone dogay kaya give away may

  • No point buying it the bottom part I don’t like dam man

  • China phone Vs american phone

  • How are you not verified yet... your content is amazing!

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  • Is touche id below power button ? I speak this the real iPhone 12pro?

  • How i turn on the “back swipe”??

  • 180 dollars of iphone 12 pro, I'd rather get wireless earphones for that cost.

  • Sir plz can I have the fake I phone

  • Sir plz can I have the fake I phone

  • Sir plz can I have the fake I phone

  • Where can I buy the clones?

  • Where can I order for the clone

  • I used to have a fake iPhone 5 a few years ago it was so fake it was more like an android. Expect it was in Chinese not English and you couldn’t change the language also it didn’t have Bluetooth or proper settings I don’t even remember where my dad got it lol the fakes are shit

  • This is sick. Shame on that fake iPhone 12 Pro manufacturer.

  • Ûhllgg👍

  • S

  • The camera lines made me throw up instantly

  • i love the tone of your voice 💯🥰😘

  • Terrible clone Please recomend a good cline to buy

  • Iphone 12 pro max Where to buy Like your demo Like to get same phone

  • I like to buy one of these how and where And how much

  • im confused by all iphones lol